How to Mix Silver and Gold Jewelry ? – 14 Tips from Style Experts

How to Mix Silver and Gold Jewelry ? – 14 Tips from Style Experts

1. Wear At Least One Piece That Has Both Silver and Gold.

One of the best ways to ensure a cohesive, put-together look while wearing both gold and silver jewelry is to have at least one combined piece. It will act as the centerpiece, giving you the liberty to wear both metals separately in the way you want without worrying about looking disheveled. The combined piece will tie all your silver and gold accessories together. Mixed jewelry pieces (with both silver and gold) are easily available, so you won’t even have to put in a great amount of effort to find a combined piece that suits your style and needs.

2. Layer Them Up

Don’t have a mixed metal piece? No worries! Create your own combined piece of jewelry by layering up silver and gold pieces. It will have the same effect as using a combined one and will allow you to wear both metal pieces wherever you want with the peace of mind that they will all blend in to create a unique style. This technique works best with chain necklaces and bracelets. When layering necklaces, choose pieces with different lengths; it not only looks great but will also prevent them from tangling. For bracelets, use pieces of varying texture and thicknesses to create visual interest.

3. Consider the Outfit and Occasion

This is in connection with the previous point. While you should always keep your outfit and the occasion in mind when styling with jewelry, it becomes all the more important when you’re layering up multiple pieces of jewelry. This is because it’s pretty easy to go overboard with layering pieces. If you’re not careful, you may end up being overdressed for the occasion or, worse, looking like a Christmas tree. You shouldn’t wear too much jewelry with extravagant outfits or those with busy prints and patterns. Furthermore, formal official events call for minimal jewelry. You also need to be careful with layering up jewelry for daytime events; make sure you do not wear too many or too flashy pieces together. The key with layering jewelry is to tie all your silver and gold accessories together. But, to get it right, you need to make sure that your accessories carry the same vibe and aesthetic as your outfit and/or occasion.

4. Create a Focal Point

Instead of combining silver and gold jewelry everywhere, create a focal point. Choose one area of your body – neck, ears, wrist, or fingers – and let that be your mixing spot. Get bold and creative when accessorizing that area with both the metals and wear minimal, delicate jewelry elsewhere. Creating a focal point with jewelry is also a great way to highlight your best features.

5. Use a Bridging Piece of Jewelry

To create a perfect blend of silver and gold pieces, use one big, bold, and beautiful jewelry item as the bridging or centerpiece and work around it with simpler, delicate pieces. The bridging piece will help bring everything all together and give you a put-together look. While using a statement or bold piece of jewelry will make it easier for you to work around if you do not want to go heavy with jewelry, use an unusual or unique piece of jewelry as the centerpiece.

6. Gemstones Make the Perfect Centerpieces

Looking for a foolproof way to mix silver and gold jewelry? Use your gemstone pieces! A gemstone jewelry piece can be used to create a focal point as well as a bridging piece. Layering a necklace with a big gemstone with dainty silver and gold chains to create a focal point. Alternatively, you can use that delicate gemstone bracelet or ring as a bridging piece to pull everything together. Most of the gemstones also complement both silver and gold to help create a perfect blend of silver and gold.

7. Focus on One Area

When layering multiple pieces, creating a focal point, or using a statement jewelry piece, make sure to keep your primary focus only on one of your central jewelry regions. You shouldn’t be wearing layered or big, bold necklaces, bracelets, and rings all at the same time.

8. Use Pieces with Similar Themes

If you do not want to look like that, you have just thrown any piece of jewelry that you came across, make sure that all the pieces you wear have similar themes. For example, if you’re wearing an antique necklace, make sure all the other pieces of jewelry that you wear have the same vibe. Similarly, if you’re wearing gemstone jewelry, which gives a feminine, refined, and polished look, pair it up with pieces that have the same style. This will give you a well-thought-out final look. There shouldn’t be a stark contrast of style, design, and vibe between your jewelry pieces.

9. Choose Pieces with Similar Tones

Gold and silver jewelry comes in a variety of shades and tones. For a cohesive and well-blended look, choose pieces with similar tones. For example, if you’re opting for rose gold, make sure all gold jewelry pieces you wear are of the same shade. You wouldn’t want to step out of home wearing a rose gold necklace with yellow gold earrings. The same goes for silver. If you’re wearing oxidized silver jewelry, go with that throughout your look.

10. Strike a Balance

To make sure your silver and gold combination doesn’t look sloppy or tacky, avoid going heavy with one metal. Aim for striking a balance between silver and gold jewelry pieces for a more put-together and cohesive look. For instance, instead of wearing a silver necklace with all other gold accessories, mix metals evenly in your whole look. Layer a gold and a silver necklace and complement that with a combination bracelet or ring. You want an even distribution of gold and silver throughout your look.

11. Use Jewelry as Accessory

Style experts advise against creating multiple focal points or wearing too much jewelry because it is meant to serve as an accessory to match or enhance your outfit. It shouldn’t be the other way round, even if you’re wearing a simple, basic dress or a jeans-white tee combo. You should only use enough jewelry to enhance your outfit and not take all the attention away from it.

12. Consider Your Undertone

Gold jewelry looks better on people with a warm undertone, whereas silver jewelry looks more beautiful on people with a cool undertone. Wondering why you need this information when you’re looking to mix silver and gold jewelry? Choose a predominant piece in the metal that best complements your undertone to further enhance your beauty and overall look. For even better results, wear your predominant jewelry item near your face, in the neck or ears.

13. Solid Colors Make Mixing Jewelry Easier

Plain, solid-colored outfits not only give you more room to play around with accessories; they also make mixing gold and silver jewelry a lot easier than printed outfits. Printed outfits already have a lot going on, so you cannot experiment much with jewelry. A Solid colored outfit, on the other hand, acts like a blank canvas, giving you complete liberty to create just the kind of look and fashion statement you want. Want a simple, sophisticated look? Accessorize your outfit with a couple of dainty silver and gold chains and rings. Looking to make a strong fashion statement? Wear a big, extravagant necklace or layer multiple necklaces to create a bold focal point.

14. Unleash Your Creativity

Do not hesitate to experiment with your jewelry just because it contradicts a so-called fashion rule. As they say, rules are meant to be broken. So, unleash your creativity and do not shy away from taking the unconventional route. Be bold, experiment, take the risk – that’s how new styles and fashion trends are created. You might even end up creating a new style statement. Experimenting with jewelry (or accessories in general) will also help you discover or create your personal style. You wouldn’t know what looks best on you unless you try out different styles of jewelry or wear them in different ways. Have fun with your jewelry accessories. When experimenting, just make sure to look at yourself in the mirror once before heading out to make sure it looks good.

Get Mixing!

Jewelry can be the best accessory for any and every outfit and occasion, provided you know how to use it the right way. It can be used to both enhance your outfit and tie your whole look together. But, jewelry can also make you look like a walking fashion disaster. Accessorizing yourself with jewelry is a tricky business, and it becomes all the more challenging when you’re mixing silver and gold jewelry. Use the tips discussed above to make sure you do not cross the fine line between making a unique fashion statement and a fashion blunder. Happy accessorizing!

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