Beyond Style and Fashion – The Health Benefits of Wearing Silver Jewelry

Beyond Style and Fashion – The Health Benefits of Wearing Silver Jewelry

Silver Has Powerful Antimicrobial Properties

Copper and brass are the first names that come to mind or appear in research when we talk about metals that possess natural antimicrobial properties. However, not many people know that silver also offers similar antimicrobial benefits as copper and brass. It has long been known to be highly effective against bacteria, fungi, and certain viruses. It not only has a centuries’ long history of use in wound care but was also used for several other purposes, such as to cure infections and keep drinking water fresh and free of microbes. According to historical accounts, when Alexander the Great invaded India in 326, an epidemic of gastrointestinal diseases spread among his troops. But, he and the high-rank commanded remained safe and healthy because they used to drink from silver cups. The antimicrobial properties of silver have also been scientifically proven. In fact, silver is also commonly used in bandages meant for treating burns and for killing pathogenic microorganisms that grow on catheters. Silver is also known to be highly effective against superbugs; bacteria that have developed resistance against the standard antibiotics. It is due to the powerful antimicrobial and anti-infectious properties of silver that it was widely used for dental implants, fitting, and fillings in traditional dentistry. Wondering how silver fights against bacteria? The mechanism of how silver kills microorganisms isn’t fully understood. However, scientists have gathered some idea of how silver works against bacteria. Here’s what we know about it so far: The antimicrobial properties of silver come from its positively charged ions (Ag+). These positive silver ions use various mechanisms of action to kill harmful bacteria. The first mechanism of action involves silver ions binding to membrane proteins on the walls of bacterial cells and inhibiting the transportation of various substances in and out of the cells. Silver ions can also penetrate through bacterial cell walls and enter into the cell where they destroy the process of energy production by blocking the cell’s respiratory system. The third mode of action of silver against bacteria involves silver ions binding to the bacterial cell DNA to stop the process of cell division. All these processes eventually lead to the bursting of the cell membrane, killing the bacteria.

Silver Helps Maintain Body Temperature and Circulation

Silver’s cooling properties, as well as its ability to offset electromagnetic radiations coming from the outside, make it highly effective in maintaining body temperature. To get a better understanding, think of this mechanism as one where silver creates a protective shield that prevents harmful electromagnetic radiations from entering your body and disrupting the natural balance of your body temperature. This, in turn, allows your body’s natural temperature regulation mechanism to work effectively. It also helps improve the circulation of oxygen and blood, which then ensures a proper supply of nutrients all over the body. This property of silver also makes it beneficial for blood pressure regulation.

Silver Can Help Calm Nerves

Silver is also known to have calming and soothing properties, which also affect the nervous system and help release stress and induce relaxation. While the scientific findings for the stress-relieving and mood-boosting properties of silver are still lacking, a large number of people have reported experiencing a reduction in their stress and anxiety levels by wearing silver jewelry. Many people have also reported being in balanced emotional states when they’re wearing silver. It is believed that silver improves the transmission of nerve impulses in the body as well as helps with chemical and hormonal imbalances. These, when combined with the soothing and calming properties of silver, make it highly effective for stress relief, mood-boosting, and improving a person’s overall mental state.

Silver Ring Splints Are Highly Effective for Arthritis Patients

People with rheumatoid arthritis have experienced significant benefits with silver ring splints. They offer pain relief and support bone alignment, which helps improve the functioning of the affected parts and also prevents the deformity from getting worse. As explained by Cynthia Garris, the occupational therapist who invented silver ring splints, “Ring splints stabilize the finger and control the movement of the joints in its normal range.” While today silver splints are mostly used for fingers and thumbs only, they can be used on legs as well. There are many historical accounts, dating as far back as those coming from Hippocrates, which mention the use of silver splints for treating joint deformities in limbs. One of Hippocrates’ medical texts also mentioned the use of silver splints to treat broken limbs. Silver splints can also help with the pain and reduce movement due to loose ligaments. One of the greatest advantages of silver ring splints is that they don’t look like medical devices; they look as trendy and stylish as your regular silver rings.

Silver Can Help You Avoid Toxic Substances

You must have heard the stories about kings and emperors using silver utensils for their food and water. While the general perception has been that it was their way to exhibit wealth, history tells otherwise. In reality, the kings, emperors, and other members of royalty used silver utensils because of the metal’s ability to change color when exposed to poisonous substances. Since they had many enemies, they wanted to ensure that they were not being poisoned. Hence, they always used silverware for their food and drinks. Wondering how this property of silver can help us today? The ability of silver to change color in the presence of toxins makes it a great indicator of toxicity or higher concentrations of certain substances in your body. For example, if your everyday silver jewelry pieces (that you’ve been wearing for a while) suddenly turn blue, it’s an indication of a higher sodium level in your body. Similarly, if your silver jewelry tarnishes quickly (much faster than it usually does) while you’re wearing it, it is a sign of too much acid in your body.

Mystical Benefits of Silver

The health benefits of silver are not the only reason why silver has been one of the most popular metals throughout history. It is believed to have several powerful mystical properties, and this is another major reason why a lot of people choose to wear silver jewelry. People who believe in the mystical powers of metals and gemstones consider as the lunar manifestation of the eternal goddess – the Great Mother. It is believed that just like the moon reflects the sunlight, silver ward-off negative energies from the wearer. The belief that silver can help detoxify and cleanse a person’s body also stems from the metal’s capability of fighting against negative energies. Silver is also considered God’s metal by the followers of several religions, and this is why it is considered to have the capability to ward-off evils. For example, Christians believe that silver is the only metal that can be used to identify, tame, or kill a werewolf because it carries the spiritual properties of God. Silver is also believed to help the wearer exercise better control over their emotions and offer patience and perseverance. The metal is also considered to have protective properties – it can protect the wearer from all types of evils. Silver is also considered a metal that has powerful psychic-influencing properties. It stimulates the wearer’s psychic awareness. Silver is the most widely used metal for gemstone jewelry because it is believed to help enhance and better channelize the properties and benefits of gemstones.

Experience the Benefits of Silver by Wearing High-Quality Silver Jewelry!

The benefits of silver discussed above only make the tip of the iceberg; the metal has a lot more to offer. Even if you do not believe in the mystical and spiritual powers of metal and gemstones, there are plenty of scientifically proven health benefits of silver that make silver jewelry worth wearing (or giving it a try at least). Silver jewelry won’t cause you any harm; it will only make you look more stylish. Buy some stunning staple pieces of silver jewelry to improve your health and style without breaking your bank. At Silverbene, we have a huge exquisite collection of silver jewelry available at highly affordable rates. But, don’t mistake the low cost of our jewelry pieces for their low quality. We only offer premium-quality silver jewelry because we look forward to establishing long-term relationships with all our clients. This is why we only provide them with the best of everything – from products to prices to services. Wondering how we can offer high-quality silver jewelry at low rates when others are selling silver jewelry at very high rates? The reason why our silver jewelry pieces are available at such low prices is that we source our products from wholesale suppliers in China. Since we buy from them in bulk, they provide us with great discounts, and we pass them on to our clients. It’s as simple as that! So, do check out our silver jewelry collection to have both your health and style game on point. Did we mention that we come up with new designs every week? Do check out the website every Monday to get your hands on the latest trendy pieces of silver jewelry!



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