7 Common Jewelry Mistakes You Should Avoid

7 Common Jewelry Mistakes You Should Avoid

1. Wearing Jewelry That Doesn’t Go With the Outfit

As one of the most common jewelry-wearing mistakes, it’s surprising to see that despite the easy availability of fashion tips and advice, many women still don’t know how to pair jewelry with outfits. For example, you see a lot of women wearing large, gaudy, dangling earrings, or sparkling statement rings with jeans or wearing gold jewelry with an outfit with silver patterns or embroidery.

2. Wearing Jewelry That Isn’t Appropriate for the Occasion

Another common jewelry mistake women usually make is that they wear the wrong pieces of jewelry in the wrong places. Just like outfits, not all pieces of jewelry can be worn everywhere. Chandelier earrings and large hoops look gorgeous, but they aren’t for formal events or office wear. Instead, choose a pair of small silver studs that can elevate your formal outfit. You need to consider the occasion, the time of the event, and also the kind of environment where it’s going to be while picking out jewelry to make sure you aren’t the odd one out.

3. Not Consider Neckline of the Dress While Choosing the Necklace

You cannot just wear any necklace with any dress. You have to consider the neckline of a dress to make sure the necklace you’re considering wearing goes with it. Also, you do not always have to wear a necklace; sometimes, it’s better to skip it for a more upscale look. As the old saying goes, less is more.

4. Wearing Dirty Jewelry

You may fail to notice or ignore the small stains, tarnish, or grime build-up on your jewelry, but others won’t, and it’s a big turnoff. Always make sure that the jewelry you’re wearing is clean, even if it’s a pair of tiny studs. For best results, get your jewelry professionally cleaned at least twice a year. Regular cleaning helps keep your jewelry in pristine condition, maintain its polish and sparkle, and also increase its lifespan by preventing tarnish.

5. Wearing Too Much Jewelry

If you love wearing jewelry or are having one of those days when you feel like dressing up, however, do not go overboard. Most often than not, wearing too much jewelry hurts your overall look. It also prevents your valuable pieces from standing out, making a statement, or being truly appreciated. Always follow the ‘less is more’ concept when accessorizing your outfit with jewelry and resist your urge of wearing those heavy earrings, necklaces, bracelets, and the statement ring altogether. Keep it minimal and classic for an elegant and effortlessly chic look.

6. Wearing Poorly Fitted Rings

Wearing a loose ring puts you at risk of losing it, whereas wearing a tight ring doesn’t look good on your fingers. Always make sure to buy the right fit. If you have bought or been gifted a ring with the wrong size mistakenly, get it resized before wearing it to ensure both comfort and style.

7. Not Taking Off Jewelry When Going in Water

It’s easier to forget to take off the pair of studs or the ring that you wear all the time before you hop into the shower or go for a swim. However, wearing jewelry in water is a sure-fire way to damage it. Chemicals present in personal care products, chlorine found in swimming pools, and saltwater of the sea can discolor, weaken, and damage your jewelry. The key reason why people tend to make this mistake is that, in most cases, the results are not visible immediately. However, if the damage continues to occur, and by the time you notice visible signs, it’s too late to do anything. Therefore, make it a point to always take off your jewelry before going into the water, including doing dishes!

Flaunt Your Jewelry Confidently By Avoiding These Mistakes

Jewelry can easily make or break your whole look. So, be very careful when accessorizing yourself with jewelry and make sure to avoid the above common mistakes. When you're in doubt, it’s always safer to play it down than overdo it. Another foolproof tip is, if you do not end up making a fashion blunder, to go with classic jewelry pieces as opposed to statement ones when you don’t know how to accessorize with them. Check out our collection to get some classic pieces of sterling silver jewelry that can be worn anywhere and with anything.



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