10 Pieces of Silver Jewelry Every Woman Should Have

10 Pieces of Silver Jewelry Every Woman Should Have

1.    Statement Necklace

Geometry Natural Treated Crystal CZ 925 Sterling Silver Necklace

A statement necklace can transform you from casually dressed to ready-for-a-party dressed. A chic statement necklace can bring your party outfit to the next level and elevate your look within seconds.

The best thing about statement necklaces is that they bring out your style. You can pick a necklace that goes right down to your navel or one that adores your collar bone. You can even choose one solid color, or you can go with a bright and vivid blend of colors.

Invest in one silver statement necklace that speaks of your signature style, and you’ll find yourself using it for years to come. And don’t worry if they go out of style, because statement necklaces always come back in.

2.    SilverStuds

Simple Round Moissanite CZ 925 Sterling Silver Stud Earrings

A woman’s wardrobe will never be complete without one of the most timeless jewelry pieces– a pair of silver studs. It’s a classic piece of silver jewelry that’s everyone’s style and subtly highlights an individual’s beauty. Silver studs are elegant and can be worn on every occasion, no matter how casual or formal it is. Its simplicity also makes it highly pairable with any kind of bracelet necklace and other earrings.

To complete any look, every woman should at least have one delicate pair of silver studs in their possession.

3.    Chandelier Earrings

Elegant Golden Tassels 925 Sterling Silver Dangling Earrings

To dazzle and shine on the most special nights of the year, every woman should have a pair of stunning silver chandelier earrings. This is the kind of jewelry that not only brings a shine to your eyes but allows you to feel festive and special whenever you wear it.

Additionally, chandelier earrings work best when you are trying to boost a plain outfit. Some chandelier earrings are so eye-catching that you can easily skip the rest of the jewelry, and you’ll still turn every eye in the room. Every woman needs to have a gorgeous pair of silver chandelier earrings to feel like a queen, even in jeans and button-down tees.

4.    Anklet

Summer Fashion Yellow Gold Leaves 925 Sterling Silver Anklet

There are days when you need to shine from head to toe. Sometimes, there are shoes that need a little highlight to enhance their beauty. At times like this, you’d regret not owning a delicate silver anklet. One anklet can easily last you for years, and no matter how often you wear it, you’d still find yourself sneaking glances at your ankle.

Silver anklets are perfect accessories to bring an edge to your outfit and make you feel chic. It wouldn’t be wrong to say that a silver anklet is a little treasure that every woman deserves to have.

5.    Hoop Earrings

Fashion Three Circles 925 Sterling Silver Hoop Earrings

It doesn’t even require a person to be a fashionista to own a pair of silver hoop earrings. In fact, it’s a prerequisite for everyone who has pierced ears. Silver hoop earrings are perhaps the quickest and one of the best tools to look more feminine and add that girly charm to your outfit. You can wear it on the go and instantly appear all ready to attend a party. From summer dresses to sophisticated nigh-time looks, hoops go with everything.

You have unlimited choices when it comes to silver hoop earrings. You can go for thin, delicate hoops, or you can opt for a gem-encrusted small hoop earring.

6.    The Long Chain Necklace

As basic as long-chain silver necklace may sound, you simply cannot do without them and their subtle bling. They are perfect for office wear and even more perfect for layering and elevating your style at special events.

The long-chain necklace is one of the most classic silver jewelry pieces that give you a tasteful and classy style and adds that missing oomph to your outfit. Pair it up with jeans and a button-down shirt, or add it as another layer with your pendants and chockers; a high-end long chain necklace will never fail you.

7.    Cubic Zirconia Rings

Elegant Green CZ Rhombus 925 Sterling Silver Adjustable Ring

Cubic zirconia rings might not be your everyday style, but on days when you feel like accessorizing, you’ll feel their absence with pain. silver sterling cubic zirconia rings available in shades of silver and gold are quite a priced possession.

When your collection of cz rings is versatile, you can even tastefully accessorize them in a high-fashion style. Mix your colors, or aim for one solid stone amidst other plain bands, or wear one cz ring on every finger and feel glamorous.

8.    Dangling Earrings

Asymmetry Shell Pearl Irregular 925 Sterling Silver Dangling Earrings

A pair of dangling silver earrings saves the day when it’s not quite a stud-type outfit, the event is not extravagant enough to whip out your chandelier earrings, and when hoops are not exactly in vogue. With their dramatic glint and elusive bling, dangling silver earrings make you stand out. When choosing a dangling earring for yourself, make sure they are more of a classy and sophisticated type. A metal earring with a stone at the end or a cultured pearl is all you need to enhance your style.

9.    Bold Bracelet

Fashion Holiday Hollow Chain 925 Sterling Silver Bracelet

The simplest and most elegant of outfits shine even brighter when you pair them with a bold bracelet. A plain white or black mid-thigh dress can appear ala mode with a bold, thick silver bracelet that represents your signature style and personality.

10.   Choker

Simple TO Shape Chian 925 Sterling Silver Choker Necklace

Love ‘em or hate ’em, but you can’t deny the way they adorn the neck and brings out a distinct feature of every person. When paired with the right outfit, sterling silver chokers can get into the fashion game. They are also excellent for piling and layering around your neck.


Wearing the right piece of silver jewelry instantly upgrades your ensemble and brings your style to light. Stat with the basics and then slowly build up your collection with ritzy and sophisticated silver accessories. Check out our premium collection of sterling silver jewelry to place an order for the staple items.


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